Strange Times

Yes, they are a-coming. What with this being an election year and all.

In the meantime, Mom is busy rallying behind change and, like her, it seems Mr. Trump is telling it like it is.  Whew!  Who’d have thought…

So – Frankly Francine is under the current command of Decidedly Debra.  Let’s try to breath some new life into what has become a stagnant page.

Francine is alive and well and as frank as ever.  We just need to calm down enough to focus on a topic (other than Trump).

We are looking into aging as a prime topic.  We know that Francine has many recommendations on how elderly might make life easier for themselves.  Take grocery shopping and cooking for one.  If you know Francine you know that includes the ever famous and fabulous “Trader Joes”.  (Have we talked about their delicious brown tomatoes?)  With ease you can prepare a pre-assembled meal and cook it quickly and easily nowadays.

And did you say “Health Care”.  Many opinions on that subject to follow.

So before we get any older…let’s try to remember what it was like to be younger.  There is beauty in gaining the confidence that only age and life lessons can bring to a person.  But let’s not let that taint us.  I hope that at any age we can face each day with some spirit of adventure and finish each day with some pride of accomplishment.

Until next time folks, remember we welcome comments and look forward to expressing ourselves frankly.