21 Days

21 Days…

They say it takes 21 days to create or even break a habit. 

Not true!

I’m here to tell you that after 21 days I am still fighting the urge to pick up the phone and call my Mom.  I want to ask her what is for dinner.  Does she need anything?  Is there a day soon we might go to Chico’s and shop a little?

Now I am blessed to call my Dad and see what he is going to do for dinner.  His 21 days are similarly spent fighting the needs of a husband of 69 years.  No longer is he finding the need to complete the same loving honey-do list.  Sadly.   

I find the days are spent wondering what to do with your time since everything is so different.

So in 21 days I hope to have a new habit.  A new focus.  A new direction.  One that in 21 days after that might show some signs of a promising adventure (or two) still left to bite in to. 

In the meantime, how then do I find the patch to place on my skin that fights the habit and will take the edge off this yet unresolved habit of no Mother to call to or physically hug or hear the reason in her voice? 

I guess the answer may well be that it wasn’t really a habit after all.  It was a love.  It was a relationship.  It was an invitation accepted to share in one another’s lives on a more intimate earthbound level.  Not for 21 days, but for a lifetime, this lifetime. 

We miss you Mom!


Decidedly Debra

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