Concerned, Conflicted and Confused

Concerned.  Frankly Francine has been busy at J.C. Penny’s trying to let someone who cares know the reason they may be losing money.  It seems management’s idea of good customer service is having to beg someone to take your money.  Help is scarce and overworked.  She is home now completing the survey cards.  The few cashiers she encountered begged her to help them in this way. Seems they’re as sick of it as she is.

While waiting behind a woman who clearly purchased a sack full of clothes on sale and wanted them all returned and credited individually, she was told to relax since she was the next person in line.  Forget that she had already been there 20 minutes trying to pay.  Francine went to the middle of the floor and loudly inquired how the store was to make money with the only available help busy giving back customer’s money while virtually ignoring the customer willing to spend? Can I get an Amen for bringing back the return only counter?

Conflicted.  Both sides in the upcoming election leave a lot to be desired.  It saddens me to see the name calling and back biting. Where is the sharing of intelligent thought.  It seems everyone has Attention Deficit Disorder.  Let’s turn off the reality TV and the spin doctors and engage in some research.  It was Carter who started the immigration law to protect this great nation by closing borders. Yet Trump is a racist bastard? It is Hillary that has an 11 million dollar mansion in New York and will enjoy her Congressional salary until she dies. In the meantime she can inherit her huband’s Presidential salary of $20,000 per month if he predecreases her (and vice a versa).  And don’t get me started on her Charitable Foundation and who is benefiting there.  But back to the mansion.

The Clinton’s are entitled to Secret Service for life.  They had the government build an extra residence to house these agents on their acreage in New York.   Since the property is owned by the Clinton’s they charge the federal government $10,000 per month to use the extra residence,  Oh, and that just about covers their mortgage payment.  Really?  How nice.

Now Hillary is orchestrating a $2 BILLION ad campaign against Trump.  2 BILLION.  That could provide a lot of education and health care, but no.  Come on people.  Wake up.  It’s our insatiable lust for reality TV, Facebook and blaming everyone else that has Trump sounding so good to so many while many of you are bashing the rich.   Trump is pretty transparent.  How about the criminal activities of Mrs. Clinton, who like her husband (whom she will give a job to by the way = cha-ching, another paycheck for life.  Sweet.), plays to women and feigns innocence.  I’m sick of it.

Concerned.  Yes, concerned that a 10 year relationship with someone who claims to love deeply has ended with these last spoken words.  Ready?  “Well you didn’t call me either” when it was I that CALLED.  Only to be followed up by sharing feelings in an e-mail response.  Here’s a clue fellas…try telling your girl what’s on your mind when it’s happening, not after the fact and then only when feeling pressured.

I think that about covers it for today gang.

This is Decidedly Debra saying thanks for listening.

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