I suspect Purpose is the reasoning behind just about everything. Without it we are rudderless in a sea of intoxicating peril. Navigating through the sludge of life without Purpose might have you rolling with the tide. For some, that may indeed work. For most, it is a lackluster and unrewarding existence based on the Purpose of those around you. They will push and pull you in any direction they can without regard for the rocky reefs that you may encounter.

Can you keep your Purpose when heading for the rocky shores? Can you weather the storms? Are you in sync with the ebb and flow of things?

“I’m not sure” is my answer.

I feel like a surfer who has paddled far out to sea waiting for the next wave. The sets are forming yet they are not there yet. How to proceed remains an unknown at this point, yet the Purpose is to prepare for the next set.

I watch my Mom and I can see she is weary at the end of her day. I can sense that sometimes the day starts for her with a tiredness. The Purpose is perhaps seemingly mindless yet nagging tasks that bring little reward.

These days seem to be, to me, without much Purpose. The joie-de-vive is gone. The Purpose? No more than a chore to be accomplished on an itemized list. Gone is the excitement of the unknown. It is replaced now with the aggravated notion that what we attempt to accomplish seems futile.

Customer service is no longer the Purpose we should set out to find as it appears to be lost to us in a technological and digitally processed series of recordings and buttons to push. The Purpose better then lie in the FAQ’s or you may find yourself clueless as how to proceed. It leaves us unrewarded as we evaluate our journey to the place we call “Wits End”. Certainly a place whose only Purpose is to deceive. It’s a smoke and mirrors game at best.

So how do we keep our Purpose positive when it becomes ever more elusive as we age? I think making our Purpose joyful may help. The chores are always going to require our attention, but if we can find time to enjoy something about that process we may be better off. When we can appreciate the Purpose is no longer to merely get up and go to work to get paid for our aggravation, but rather it is time to simmer down and find a way to relax into it. To make that adjustment and fine tune our attitudes so we can manage to make finding time to relax and appreciate the things we have worked so hard for a joyful possibility.

Find a younger soul who will value your knowledge as you teach them how to help you. Make your Purpose one to admire as you mentor another on their journey. Clear the path of confusion as you Purposefully offer your experience to those who can help teach you new ways to navigate in today’s advancing world of technology and electronics.

No matter what your age – the lesson for today is to let your Purpose always be fueled by love and learning and the growth that brings, at any age.

With love,
Decidedly Debra

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