R-E-S-P-E-C-T (Find out what it means to Me)

I am trying so hard to understand those who are kneeling during our National Anthem at sporting events.  It seems they are doing so in meaningful protest toward our President of these United States and his policies and against racism.  When pressed for more explanation those (like myself) who are unclear about their intentions are often answered with the statement that those offended by their actions are responsible for promoting divisiveness in this country.  BULL!  To them I say look in the mirror.

Frankly I am certain it is they who are promoting divisiveness.  In fact, I find it frighteningly close to an act of treason.

When someone is hired to do a job and they use their time on that job to protest anything, it is wrong in my view.  They could and should be fired for not performing their job.  I would apply this to players and managers alike.  If I took work time to make a statement about anything other than what my paid position requires of me, I would be wrong.  Freedom of speech has nothing to do with it.

Recently it was explained to me that until 2009 athletes were not required to be on the field during the National Anthem.  If government lobbied to pay them to do so in an effort to encourage patriotism, so what?  How can anyone enjoying the blessings of this great nation then dishonor the men and women that got us here by not proudly honoring the playing of our National Anthem?  How is this an appropriate protest for anything?  How is this acceptable on—the-job behavior?  How is this an example to be supported?  It is NOT freedom of speech but rather a flagrant show of disrespect.  Disrespect for you, for me, for themselves (an all too common problem these days by the way) and disrespectful to our great nation.

Freedom of speech is a treasure yet respectfully only valid on our time and our dime.  Period.

Another example – why should I enjoy being held hostage by the Emmy’s (or any televised award show) and forced to listen to the political ramblings (on either side) of those paid to perform scripted entertainment for which they are being recognized?  It is disrespectful and Hollywood should go on notice that I am no longer listening or engaged.

What I enjoy on television or in the movies or on the gaming fields have nothing to do with what the players want to say beyond what they were hired to do and that is simply to perform.  Any unsolicited remarks or actions beyond the scope of the task they were hired for is otherwise disrespectful.  Stop it.  No one needs to be subjected to such nonsense in the name of freedom of speech.  I will not be and I know many who will no longer be.  Take notice NFL.  Take notice Hollywood.  I believe you are about to see your ratings go south.  Who will be left to watch?  Round them up and let the whining begin.

Divisiveness comes in to play when it seems convenient to say so.  Racism is divisive and so is reverse racism.  You cannot bring something together by taking sides. You can however, learn a thing or two by listening, at the appropriate time, with an open mind and a respectful heart.

If you want to draw lines in the sand and rally around your freedom of speech do not do so on someone else’s dime.  I would respectfully suggest you take your own time, effort, creativity, and assemble that effort of protest on your own and/or collectively with your supporters.  I would support you to that end.  I might even learn something.  I am willing.  Can you manage that?  Or are you only interested in protesting if it easily fit into your schedule or while you are being paid to perform and if you have a captive audience of a few million or more?  This is no time to be lazy.  Doing so is an embarrassment to those protestors (remember the 70’s) who work hard and strive to make valiant efforts to ensure their freedom of speech.

Has our President drawn some lines in the sand?  Perhaps.  But remember, our President has been elected to the position he holds.  He is our Commander in Chief.  His job, a thankless one at best, requires him to safeguard our great nation and its CITIZENS first and foremost.  People voted and he won.  He deserves our respect until such time as those not in agreement with him have the opportunity to elect someone they find to be a better choice.  That is the process. Until then stop being disrespectful and start being positive and constructive in the sharing of your concerns.

In closing Decidedly Debra suggests;

Respect yourself first,

Respect your bosses (if you are bold enough to take their money every pay day),

Respect each other, and

Respect this great nation of ours.

Decidedly Debra respectfully invites you to “get out” if you cannot.  E-mail me if you find any place better than our great United States of America.  Certainly the world needs help, but get off the sofa and go where the help is needed – I see no good in bringing more problems to this great land of ours.

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