To Mask or Not to Mask

Suggestive of the modern day version of “TO BE OR NOT TO BE”

It’s quite the kerfuffle these days.  People standing too close while ungloved and unmasked capers simultaneously occur in the form of peaceful protests mixed with a bit of rioting (some paid for) and rabble-rousing and even a murder or two stirred in.  

I bristle each time I discover I’ve driven myself in a closed up car for any length of time with my mask on.  We are in at least our seventh month of mask requirements yet I suddenly find myself forgetting my mask in the car constantly.  I am certain it is a form of subversive rebellion on my part, but it’s annoying.  To have to walk a significant part of the same route, once without mask, return, repeat, once with mask. It’s become laughable since I now do it so often.  I’m hopeful it is not something that actually requires medical and/or mental attention at this point.

So here’s my conclusion.  It seems we are focused on all of the fact and fiction that is bombarding us on a minute by minute basis each and every day.  Pile the election nonsense on top of that and I believe you have the makings of a real mental wildfire.  (Similarly, I now advocate clearing a safe zone cleared of debris from around your mind to help safely manage the raging sparks and hot spots that may be near.  Once your brain is secure and knowing it has a safety zone, then and only then should you choose to cross over into the forest of news, opinions and complaints, lies and perhaps even truth.  But we know that to ignore orders to evacuate from an overload of info is just asking for trouble.) I’m happy to report my mind’s wildfire is at nearly 80% containment.

So, back to masks.  Like keeping the collective and various germs from coming in, it also limits the outgoing.  We now find ourselves trying to block the bombardment of germ-y information coming in that we seek to protect ourselves from. 

Also like the masks, we limit our individual stuff that goes out.  The very thing that makes each of us shine uniquely and allows for a show of love and  support and involvement can’t get to those who need it most.  Frankly, it scares me. 

My wish for today is that we remember to let our light shine.  Find a way to let the goodness flow outward, unmasked.  Please, don’t spend each and every day covering yourself from not just the icky stuff, but the good stuff that puts all the bad in its place.  It really helps to keep things in perspective.  We need a little of the worm to reveal the butterfly.  Otherwise, everything just seems masked and unresolved – lonely and contagious.  We need one another.  Masked or unmasked, we need to Be or Not To Be, together.

Decidedly Debra

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